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Big Island, Hawaii   Kaluahine fall
Kaluahine Falls is located at the eastern end of Waipio Valley. To get here, you'll have to hike down into the valley first. The road is short, but very steep (less than a mile long, but with a 25% grade). Once you reach the bottom, go right at the fork in the road and follow the dirt road that leads to the black-sand beach. The waterfall can be seen from the beach. On some days the waterfall is dry.
Big Island, Hawaii   Hiilawe fall

Hi'ilawe Falls is the most famous waterfall in Waipio Valley. The falls is between 1,200 and 1,600 feet tall (depending on who you ask), making it the tallest waterfall in the state of Hawaii. It was a lava flow from Mauna Kea that formed the cliffs on the side of the falls.Hi'ilawe Falls share the same cliff wall with the often dry Hakalaoa Falls. Lalakea Stream above the brink of Hi'ilawe Falls had been partially dammed to provide water for developments in the area

Big Island, Hawaii   Waipio Valley fall
This fertile valley is about one mile across and over five-miles deep, and surrounded by cliffs up to 2000-feet high. Waipio Valley was once the home of thousands of Native Hawaiians. Today, there are less than 100 residents living amongst the waterfalls, taro fields and rivers permeating the valley. Hawaii Island's tallest waterfall, Hiilawe Falls cascades down 1,300 feet in the back of Waipio.
Big Island, Hawaii   Hikiau falls
Hikiau Falls is a falls located just 12.1 miles from Honoka'a, in the state of Hawaii, United States, near 'O'okala, HI. Fishermen will find a variety of fish including yellow bass, rainbow trout and yellow perch here. Whether you’re spinning, baitcasting or fly fishing your chances of getting a bite here are good.
Big Island, Hawaii   Umauma falls - World Botanical Gardens
Go 16 miles north of Hilo on the Hawaii Belt Road (Hwy 19). At Mile Marker 16, take the road inland. Turn right and look for signs to the falls. The drive to the falls begins across the street from the World Botanical Garden ticket booth and is a bit bumpy as it passes through marked native trees. You will reach a small parking lot and the lookout for Uma Uma Falls. The three levels which Uma Uma Falls flows down resemble great lava stone steps with recesses that create tranquil little pools surrounded by tropical plants and trees.
Big Island, Hawaii   Akaka falls

A meandering 10-minute loop trail takes you to the best spots to see the two cascades, Akaka and Kahuna. The 400-foot Kahuna Falls is on the lower end of the trail. The majestic upper Akaka Falls drops more than 442 feet, tumbling far below into a pool drained by Kolekole Stream amid a profusion of fragrant white, yellow, and red torch ginger
Big Island, Hawaii   Onomea falls - Tropical Botanical Garden
Onomea Falls is located inside of the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden (Admission required). Onomea Falls is set amidst the natural forest of palms and ferns and is located along the pathway inside the garden. Exotic mosses grow on the surrounding rocks, trees and the small bridge in front of the falls allows for an even better view of the falls and stream, plus it makes for a great photo opportunity.
Big Island, Hawaii   Rainbow falls
Rainbow Falls is located off Rainbow Drive in Hilo. Drive up Wainuenue, bear to the right on Rainbow Drive, and the parking lot will be on your right. The 80-foot Rainbow Falls is renowned for the rainbow formed from its mist many mornings. Legends say that the cave beneath the waterfall was the home of Hina, mother of the demigod Maui. The most dramatic time to view these falls is after a rain, this is when the greatest volume of water flows over the falls.
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