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Big Island, Hawaii   1871 Trail
The 1871 Trail follows the path of an ancient trail. It is part of a system of trails that encircled the island to serve as trade routes. This portion of the trail was last improved in 1871, hence the name 1871 Trail. The trail is part of Pu'uhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park, and it begins behind the park's visitor center. Walking the trail, you will be led through Hawaiian history and natural resources until you reach the abandoned village of Ki'ilae. 
Big Island, Hawaii   Kaimu Beach Eco-Path
Kaimu Beach Eco-Path, this hike leads through a lava field that was created by the 1990 eruption of Kilauea volcano, which destroyed the ancient Hawaiian village of Kalapana, Kaimu and the Royal Gardens subdivision. Local residents have re-planted many palm trees in this area. Easy 5-10 minute (one way) hike to the scenic New Kaimu Black Sand Beach.
Big Island, Hawaii   Bobcat Trail
Bobcat Trail Habitation Cave is a historic site of Ancient Hawaiian living quarters in a remote interior area of the island of Hawai'i. The trail was part of a system used before the time of King 'Umi, who moved the royal residence to a site nearby on the same high plateau in the 16th century, now called Ahu A 'Umi Heiau. Original studies were focused on the coastal areas that remain inhabited today, but even this more marginal area has evidence of human activity from A.D. 700 until the 18th century.
Big Island, Hawaii   Hilina Pali Trail
Hilina Pali Trail located on Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park, This trail starts at the Hilina Pali Overlook.  The trail switchbacks steeply down to the coast to Kaaha Point, about 7.5 miles round trip.
Big Island, Hawaii   Kaaha Trail
Kaaha Trail starts at the Hilina Pali trail.  Hilina Pali trail switchbacks steeply down to the coast to Kaaha Point, about 7.5 miles round trip. The trail starts gently in the forest and then becomes switchback trail that takes you to the bench floor of the pali some 1,500 feet below. It is then another gradual 780 feet to the coast.  The trail branches several times, you will want to continue (follow signs) to the "Ka'aha Shelter."  This shelter is at the end of the trail at the lava pools on the coast.  You can see palm trees thriving along the pools. You can snorkel and see lots of sea life in the protected waters of the tidal pools.
Big Island, Hawaii   Humuula Trail
Humuula Trail is a trail to the highest point in Hawaii, the tallest peak in the Pacific. The trail climbs from 9,300 feet to 13,000 feet, traversing an alpine desert where the air is thin, the temperatures hit freezing, and the views are astonishing. Highlights include an ancient Hawaiian adze quarry, an international astronomy complex.
Big Island, Hawaii   Kau Desert Trail
Just outside of the Hawai’i Volcanoe National Park on 11 West.
The Ka'u Desert is a leeward desert in the district of Ka'u, the southernmost district on the Big Island of Hawaii, and is made up mostly of dried lava remnants, volcanic ash, sand and gravel. The desert covers an area of the Kilauea Volcano along the Southwest rift zone. The area lacks any vegetation, mainly due to acid rainfall.
Big Island, Hawaii   Keahou Trail
Keauhou is located on the southern seacoast of Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park and is one of the favored destinations of hearty wilderness hikers. The campsite is 6.8 miles from the closest trailhead. The hike to Keauhou can be a grueling, hot hike through predominately non-native grasses to a small rocky bay where cold fresh water seeps to the surface and mixes with the ocean.
Big Island, Hawaii   New Kaimu Black Sand Beach


Drive Highway 130 or Highway 137 all the way to the end at Kalapana. Park at the parking lot near the Kalapana Village Cafe.
New Kaimu Black Sand Beach is located on brand new land that was created by a lava flow in 1990. There are no facilities out here, and water activities, including swimming, are not possible due to strong currents and hazardous surf. But good for hiking.
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