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Big Island, Hawaii   Aimakapa Fish Pond
This fishpond is host to many rare and migrating birds as well as habitat for the endemic Stilt and Coot. This pond is also the only know Hawaiian breeding site of the Pied-billed Grebe. Take Highway north from Kona. Turn left between Mile Markers #97 and 98. Park at the north lot of the Honokau Harbor. Take the trail north past Honokohau Beach. Turn inland to reach the pond.
Big Island, Hawaii   Boiling Pots
This is a particularly rough area of the river. Water falls over Peʻepeʻe Falls and then enters an area of rapids known as Boiling Pots where the water rushes through old lava rocks and lava tubes and appears to bubble up or boil as it makes it way downstream. There is a trail that takes you close to the river, but it is dangerously close to the lava tubes and numerous drownings have occurred in this area.
Big Island, Hawaii   Kamoa wind farm
This wind farm produces electricity into the Hawaiian grid for over twenty years. The turnoff for South Point Road is between the 69 and 70 mile markers with a large green sign pointing makai. The traditional Hawaiian name for South Point is Ka Lae meaning "the point." The two-lane paved road cuts through macadamia nut groves, pasture land and a Mauna Loa lava flow. About five miles into the 12 mile trip to Ka Lae the road shifts to a one-lane rugged passageway through vast, flat pastureland. Short, scrubby plants cling to the fields while cattle graze. A little further down the road you'll see rows of metal giants reaching toward the skies, their huge metal arms straining against the fierce South Point wind. When it was built in the late 1980s, the Kamoa Wind Farm had over 30 operating turbines.
Big Island, Hawaii   Naula Sea Arch
Located near the Volcano National Park that meets the ocean. The beautiful arch can be view from the coast or from a tour boat. These arches will fall into the ocean over time from the pounding surf, rain and wind. Enjoy them while you can.
Big Island, Hawaii   Kumukahi Lighthouse
Travel the dirt road portion of Highway 132 in Puna for approximately two miles. Built in 1934 this is not a picturesque lighthouse. The 125-foot steal beacon is a reminder of the fickle nature of Pele and her lava flows. One night in 1960 the town of Kapoho was completely smothered in a lava flow. As if by design, the flow split and encircled the beacon, sparing it from destruction. The air at this point is considered to be the purest anywhere and scientists often sample it. Please do not climb the fence to reach the light tower.
Big Island, Hawaii   Moku'aikaua Church
Moku'aikaua Church is the first and oldest Christian church built in Hawaii. The land was given to the missionaries by King Kamehameha III and the initial church was completed in 1820. After several fires, the present stone structure was constructed, partially from stones recycled from a nearby Heiau (ancient temple of the Hawaiian religion), from about 1835 to 1837.The interior is decorated with Koa wood.
Big Island, Hawaii   Hilo Clock
The clock is located on Kamehameha Avenue in front of the Naniloa Golf Course. Hilo was hit by tsunamis twice in the past century. The first time was on April 1, 1946. On May 23, 1960, another tsunami (this time generated by an earthquake off of Chile), again hit Hilo. The clock (which stood in the city at that time) was hit by the 1960 tsunami and since then stands with its hands frozen in time – 1:04 a.m. Townspeople refurbished it, but decided against restoring it to working order in honor of those who perished in the tidal waves.
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